Featured Work
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Coil Design
Based on my Masters' thesis at Berkeley, this calculator optimizes circular inductor design with respect to quality factor. The application was for in situ pressure monitoring. This is useful for designing wireless frequency-selective circuits in tight space constraints.
Fitness Monitor
A Wifi-enabled platform was developed to interface with standard exercise equipment. It is the datalogging component of a larger system that captures workout sessions, identifies them to a particular user, and uploads them to a remote server.
Pressure Monitor
A USB-enabled platform was developed to interface with wireless implantable pressure sensors (see Coil Design). The device scans a frequency range and picks up resonant devices in this range. PC software was then developed to interpret the raw frequency data and convert it to pressure.
High-Energy Surgical Discharge
A USB-enabled discharge controller was developed for delivering very short, high-energy pulses. Picoscope functionality is replicated on board and seamless datalogging is integrated into the corresponding PC software. Several protection mechanisms are in place to ensure PC isolation.
Medical Dataloggers
Separate datalogging systems were developed to monitor cartilage vibration, used in biomechanics research on long-term cartilage health, and the treatment of pectus excavatum, which is in FDA-sponsored clinical trial.
MRI Catheter Steering
A current controller was developed to assist in the steering of surgical catheters in MRI environments. In addition the controller monitors user input, catheter voltage and temperature, and communicates with Labview.